2. Command: run

$ ./mitum-example run --help

 Usage: a run <node design>

 run node

   -h, --help                      Show context-sensitive help.

       --discovery=ConnInfo,...    member discovery
       --hold=HEIGHT-FLAG          hold consensus states

   --log.out="stderr"         log output file: {stdout, stderr, <file>}
   --log.format="terminal"    log format: {json, terminal}
   --log.level=debug          log level: {trace, debug, info, warn, error}
   --[no-]log.force-color     log force color

   --design=./config.yml               design uri; 'file:///config.yml', 'https://a.b.c.d/config.yml'
   --[no-]design.https.tls_insecure    https tls insecure

2.1. Flags

  • --discovery

    Discovery flag is used to find the other suffrage nodes through gossip protocol. With valid discovery connection inforamtion, you can connect to the other suffrage nodes and vice versa.

    Discovery connection information format is, <host>:<port>[#tls_insecure]. host and port should not be omitted. and tls insecure is optional. If host does not use public signed certificates, set #tls_insecure.


    • localhost:4320: ok
    • localhost: bad
    • localhost:4320#tls_insecure: ok
    • ok
    • ok
  • --hold

    It is used only for testing. If --hold is given, node will stop every processes and do nothing.


    • --hold: At start time, node does not do anything
    • --hold=10: After node stores block, height, 10, node holds